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$9 for a Fix It Pro Pen (value $39)


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  • $9 for a Fix It Pro Pen (value $39)
  • $9 for a Fix It Pro Pen (value $39)
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  • Fed up of the learner-driver in your household pranging the car?
  • Grab a Fix It Pro Pen for only $9 and erase the damage of nasty scratches, prangs and dents. 
  • Get rid of the scratch in three simple steps with this easy-to-use wonder pen.
  • Works just like a marker pen. Apply to the area and leave to dry in the sun. 
  • Works equally as well if you did the damage yourself - simply remove the evidence before anyone notices.

Sixteen years ago you had a child and now they've gone and scratched your car in an attempt to learn to drive. Regret that much?

No need to throw them out the house just yet. Grab a Fix It Pro Pen for only $9 and erase the damage.

Sometimes miracles have to be seen to be believed. Your teenage kid learning to drive in a straight line? No chance. But you will be able to repair the damage he (or she) causes to your car. The Fix It Pro Pen fills the surface that gets scratched off when your kid bunny hops your car into a lamp post. The unique resin then dries out in the sun and the scratch is literally filled - making it no longer visible. It will work for any car colour, is non-toxic and completely odourless. If applied correctly this magical device will leave your car shiny and polished with no visible residue. The results will also be permanent and remain water resistant for the duration. An absolute wonder-pen, this nifty piece of kit also works well if you did the damage yourself - just get rid of the evidence before anyone notices. Either that, or blame the learner-driver again. 

Detailed instructions are included with this product - we recommend you read them thoroughly for optimum results.

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